Daycare & Kindergarten
Description of the children groups at the Parkside School Oberrieden
There are a Montessori Kindergarten, one pre-school group, three mixed age groups and a baby group
Montessori Kindergarten
We are looking forward to our new spacious rooms on the ground floor in Oberrieden for our new bilingual Montessori Kindergarten. Starting August 2021. Registrations are possible any time.

Weekly Schedule of the Montessori Kindergarten: (pdf)

Pedagogical Concept Montessori Kindergarten: (pdf)

Yearly Planning Montessori Kindergarten: (pdf)

Kindergarten ABC Monti Kiga: (pdf)

Pre-school Group
In our pre-school group for children as of 3 years we care for up to 18 children per day, it is bilingual and we also use Montessori materials.

Weekly Schedule of the Pre-school Group Oberrieden: (pdf)

Mixed-age groups
In our children's group, we care for a maximum of 12 children per day. We have 3 child carers dedicated to each group, plus an additional qualified carer that covers all of the groups.

We value and respect our children. We feel empathy for them and treat them honestly and patient at all times.

We see each child as an individual, and support their individual development as such.

Group work is very important to us, allowing the children to learn from each other.

Baby Group
Our carer to baby ratio means that babies are cared for individually. We don't follow a strict daily plan, so that each individual baby can sleep, eat and play according to their own needs. The baby room is specially equipped to allow play and activities to be carried out in a safe and happy environment.

Just like the older group, we respect each baby as an individual, and treat them with honesty, empathy and acceptance.

Naturally, babies learn a lot from the older children, and it is important that the groups spend some time together. Often we go out on walks with the older children, or go to visit them in their rooms. We are all together every morning and evening during drop off and pick up times.