Daycare & Kindergarten
Opening Times & Days
Opening hours
Open: Monday - Fridays 07:15 - 19:00
(18:30 on Fridays)
Drop off / Pickup: Drop off latest 09:00 Pickup 16:30 onwards
Half days: Mornings without lunch Pickup 11:30
Mornings with lunch Pickup 14:00
Afternoons with lunch Drop off 11:30
Afternoons without lunch Drop off 14:00
Daily Rate:mixed age group CHF 122.00CHF 130.00 for babies up to 24 months
Monthly Tuition babies up to 24 months
1 day/week 2 days/week 3 days/week 4 days/week 5 days/week
Full days CHF 546 CHF 1'092 CHF 1'638 CHF 2'184 CHF 2'730
Half days with lunch CHF 382 CHF 764 CHF 1'147 CHF 1'529 CHF 1'911
Half days without lunch CHF 273 CHF 546 CHF 819 CHF 1'092 CHF 1'365
Monthly Tuition children above 24 months
Full days CHF 512 CHF 1'025 CHF 1'537 CHF 2'050 CHF 2'562
Half days with lunch CHF 359 CHF 717 CHF 1'076 CHF 1'435 CHF 1'793
Half days without lunch CHF 256 CHF 512 CHF 769 CHF 1'025 CHF 1'281
Registration Fee, Familiarisation Fee, Deposit)
Registration Fee: There is a one time non-refundable registration fee of CHF 300.00 per child.
Familiarisation As the children can only attend a few hours per day at the beginning, we calculate a separate, reduced familiarisation price. This price is CHF 480.00 for Babies, CHF 340.00 for Toddlers and Pre-schoolers and none for the kindergarten children.
Deposit: The deposit is to be paid upon receipt of the counter-signed registration and before the child starts school. In general, the deposit is fully refundable after a child has attended the school for at least 4 months. The deposit per family is as follows: CHF 1'000.- for the 1st Child,CHF 500.- for the 2nd Child, CHF 250.- for each additional Child.
Registration and Childcare Agreement
Registration form: (pdf)
Childcare agreement: (pdf)